Middleville AYSO is still accepting registration for the 2015-2016 season. Spots are open for almost all age levels. Some levels are getting close to being filled or have been filled so please sign up ASAP. If your child's age level is filled by the time you register, we will contact you. You will be put on a waiting list. Once all the coaches call their players we will add players off the waiting list once we have an opening. All registration will be closed August 31st. 

Important Information re: Registration:

Middleville AYSO's 2015-2016 season is fast approaching. We will begin practices the week of August 31st.

  • Coaches will receive their player list the week of August 24th and will contact their players by the 29th.
  • U8-U14 will have their first games on Sept. 12th.
  • U5 will have their first games on Sept. 14th.
  • U6 will have their first games on Sept. 15th.

Registration for the 2015-2016 season has changed from previous years.

Please see the Registration page for more information.

Please be aware that the soccer field layouts have changed for the 2013-2014 soccer season. The new field layout map can be found here.

For questions on getting your children registered please email our registrars at registration@middlevilleayso.org.

If you are interested in coaching and have not signed up please email volunteer@middlevilleayso.org.
For any other questions about the Middleville AYSO program please email the Regional Commissioner, Dustin Ruth, at druth@middlevilleayso.org.
Middleville AYSO is a 100% volunteer run organization. We need your help please. There are some open board member positions that we need help with.  Please see the board member tab to see what is open.  Also we need volunteers to help with painting the fields on a weekly basis. If you are willing to help with this please contact Dustin Ruth at dustin_ruth@middlevilleayso.org. There is no experience needed we will show you everything you need.

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