Practices tonight (4/15/14) are cancelled due to the snow on the ground and wet conditions.

We do not want to hurt our fields any further. Sorry for the inconvenience. Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer and have some wind so the fields should dry out some by practice times on Wednesday. 

Coaches and parents,

The weather cooperated with us a little this week and we are actually starting to see green grass. Practices will resume this week but we are only allowing teams to practices on the practice fields. No one is allowed to practice on the game fields. These are the ones on the lower section closest to the bus garage.  U5/U6 will be playing there games on those field but they are the only ones allowed on the games field area. We want to make sure we preserve our fields as long as we can. I walked that area this evening and it still has a lot of really soft spots. We will have games on those field starting this Saturday as long as weather stays decent.

This will cause a lot of teams to practice on the practice field area, but please share fields as much as possible. The first week of practices the field and goals are not needed anyways. Please stay away from any areas that are soft. Also please watch the kids closely to make sure they don't dig there cleats and tear up the fields. Let's all work together this week as much as possible. 

On another note, the weather is not looking good for tonight and tomorrow. We are supposed to get a lot of rain. If we get too much rain I may cancel practices tomorrow. Plan on having them unless you get an email from me by 4:00.

Also, the fields are mostly set up thanks to Mark Kaiser and help from a number of volunteers. It is a big job to get this done and I appreciate everyone that helped.  There are still a couple of nets that need to be hung and a couple of other little jobs. If you would like to help complete this please email Mark Kaiser. (

Dustin Ruth
Regional Commissioner
Middleville AYSO

Please be aware that the soccer field layouts have changed for the 2013-2014 soccer season. The new field layout map can be found here.

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For any other questions about the Middleville AYSO program please email the Regional Commissioner, Dustin Ruth, at
Middleville AYSO is a 100% volunteer run organization. We need your help please. There are some open board member positions that we need help with.  Please see the board member tab to see what is open.  Also we need volunteers to help with painting the fields on a weekly basis. If you are willing to help with this please contact Dustin Ruth at There is no experience needed we will show you everything you need.

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Upcoming Events

4/14/2014 - U5 - Games Begin - To be rescheduled

4/15/2014 - U6 - Games Begin - To be rescheduled

4/19/2014 - U8 and above - Games Begin