Board Members (updated Aug 18th, 2014)

Who do I call?

Position Name Email Phone
Regional Commissioner Dustin Ruth 269-736-3000
Asst. Regional Commissioner Bill Brower 616-260-3713
Secretary Robin Kidder-DeWent

Regional Coach Administrator OPEN! - -
Coach Admin. Secretary Robin Kidder-DeWent 269-795-2218
Regional Coach Instructor OPEN! - -
Regional Referee Admin. Briana Henning 269-838-0066
Field Director John Corner -
U5/U6 Field Coordinator - - Call RC
U8 Field Coordinator - - Call RC
U10 Field Coordinator - - Call RC
U12/U14 Field Coordinator - - Call RC
Safety Director Mitch Henning 269-205-3364
Registrar Robin Barnes 269-795-2186
Registrar OPEN! - -
Schedule Coordinator Reagan Gielincki -
Treasurer Sharon Warner 269-795-9372
Purchaser Stephanie Landry 616-862-9263
Website Admin Mitch Henning 269-205-3364
CVPA Debra Drenten 616-891-9335
VIP Administrator Dustin Ruth 269-736-3000
Special Events/Fundraising Stephanie Landry   616-862-9263


Middleville AYSO Board Meetings - Board meetings are held the 3rd Sunday of each month from 6:00-8:00pm.  We typically meet at the fire barn in Middleville but occationally have to meet at another location due to scheduling conflicts.  If you would like to attend a Middleville AYSO board meeting please contact Dustin Ruth at