Online Registration for next season, 2015/2016.

For parents & volunteers who signed up online last year:

1) If you did not get a username and password, you will have to follow the instructions above for a first time user.  If you did get a username and password, go to the eAYSO site and at the welcome screen, click on the button labeled Log In

2) At the Log In screen, enter the e-mail address username and your existing password. There are links on this screen if you've forgotten them.

3) At the welcome screen, you can click on My Login Info if you wish to change either your username or password. Otherwise, in the menu bar, click on Parent to begin the process of re-registering your player(s) OR to re-register to be a volunteer, click on Volunteer on the menu bar. When signing up for the new year, it is important that you review all the data screens and change anything that needs to be updated.  DO NOT USE THE LINKS LABELED PLAYER FORM OR VOLUNTEER FORM IN THE LINE under General Instructions. These links should be used only if you are unable to print forms right away after you've updated your registration information.

4) On the screens that follow, check to see if any of the information needs to be changed.  Read each of the screens carefully. Scroll to the bottom of each screen. Many of the data screens extend below the bottom of your monitor. Use the scroll bar, the Page Down key or the down arrow key to be sure you've scrolled to the bottom of each page.

5) Follow the onscreen directions to print 2 copies of each of the forms, and then bring them to our registration event. May 9rd 9am-1pm.

Middleville AYSO is Region 277. You must bring 2 copies of your registration to one of our sign-up events along with player fees to complete your registration.

Some issues being encountered by parents related to pre-registration.

When a parent volunteer already has an account linked to them as a volunteer and they try to register their child on eAYSO the returning player selection may be grayed out because it is not recognized that there is a returning player attached to that account to register. The accounts in this case need to be merged. This can be done by contacting the eAYSO Call Center at 1-866-588-2976.

When a parent logs in to to register a returning player, but does not see "Application for a Returning Player" enabled, it means they need to contact the National Office to link the player record to their account. This is a one-time step and can be accomplished through a toll free phone call to the eAYSO Call Center at 1-866-588-2976 Monday to Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m. Pacific time, or by email to

In both cases, the parent will need to provide the email login and AYSO ID#. If the parent doesn't know his/her player's AYSO ID#, the parent must provide the player's name, date of birth, and AYSO Region number (277,) or city and state.

During the peak registration months of mid-February to the end of August, the Call Center is also open on Saturdays from 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific

Registration dates, May 9rd 9am-1pm at Thornapple Kellogg Middle School.

If you have a new player, you can pre-register online. Even if you pre-register your child, you will still need to show up at one of our registration events to turn in your paperwork and fees. Your child will not be officially signed up until we have those items.

If you have a returning player, you will be able to pre-register your child the same as new players.

Those looking to volunteer would have the same options as players. New volunteers will be able to fill out their information online or stop at the registration event and fill out a form. Returning volunteers can renew their information online or we will have pre-filled forms to be checked over and turned in.

If you are planning on volunteering (and we hope you will,) there is some information that will help expedite filling out the volunteer form. One personal and professional reference and contact info, your drivers license number and social security number. There are no exceptions to omitting your social security number. These are used to complete a background check. To help promote a safe environment for our children, every volunteers in our organization has a background check completed yearly. If you are concerned about your private information, you can pre-register to volunteer online at

For More questions and info please e-mail